How To Create an Online Newsletter For Your Company

If you want to build a profitable company you need to build a relationship with your customers. One of the best ways to do this is to create an online newsletter. It takes much less time than a print newsletter and is easier to deliver. If you use the right tools you can even schedule it to be sent ahead of time leaving you free to work on other aspects of your business.

Steps To Create an Online Newsletter For Your Company

1. Purpose

Don’t create a newsletter just because you’ve been told it’s a good idea. Think deeply about its purpose. For example the purpose may be to stay in touch with your contacts, generate new leads, make repetitive sales or help customers stay abreast of the latest developments.

2. Commitment

Unless there is a commitment to create and regularly deliver a newsletter you’ll be wasting your time and it won’t be successful. Make a commitment how often you wish to send your newsletter and how you will market it to generate subscribers.

3. E-mail marketing software

Sign up for an online e-mail marketing company to deliver your newsletters. This will enable you to send your company newsletter from anywhere at any time as long as you have an Internet connection. Look for features which include:

Prescheduled delivery
HTML templates
Unlimited subscribers
Unlimited auto responders
99% delivery rate
Reliable customer service

4. Create content

Make sure you include content your subscribers find valuable otherwise they will unsubscribe. Include well-written articles, latest news, product developments, sale announcements and tips for building and marketing their business. If you get stuck for ideas visit the top article directories to find an article in your niche. Make sure you give credit to the author by including his resource box at the end of the article.

5. Format content

Use the HTML templates included with your e-mail marketing software to create a professional looking newsletter. If your service does not allow this just send a text-based newsletter. Keep in mind not all e-mail software your clients use will correctly display your HTML newsletter. If you have the option, create and send your newsletter in both HTML and text based formats.

6. Delivery

Make a commitment to deliver your newsletter on a regular schedule. For example send it every week or bi-weekly so your subscribers know when to expect it. To avoid the pressure of creating a new newsletter every week or 2 weeks, write several of them ahead of time then preschedule them to be automatically delivered using your email marketing software.

7. List building

Building your list is a continuous process. The larger your list the more money you’ll make. Place a sign-up form on your list building page that includes name and e-mail address fields. Your e-mail company will provide the HTML code for you to copy and paste into your web page. To motivate visitors to subscribe offer a free download such as a free report, video or software.

Here are some ways to drive traffic to your list building page:

add your opt-in form to every page of your website or blog
article marketing
video marketing
joint ventures
search engine marketing
ezine advertising
pay-per-click advertising

If you follow these 7 steps you’ll create an online newsletter which will be the pride of your company because you’re building customer relationships that will last a lifetime.

6 Types of Online Content That Will Make Your Blog POP (Fun, Fast and 100% FREE!)

Who else is struggling to create some killer content for your blog? Do you suffer from the ignominious irritation of writers block at ALL the wrong times? Are you finally feeling some momentum in your marketing…and then suddenly, all of the ideas seem to dry up and go away? If you said YES, the good news is, you are certainly not alone. As a matter of fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the biggest reason so many people give up on the “online dream” is that we hit a wall when it comes to creating enough content to draw a community of fans, friends and followers in our niche of choice.

With that said, I’m going to give you a few simple types of content ideas that will not only make your blog POP with pride, it will make the actual content you create far more compelling to boot. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Controversial Content

The easiest way to create an audience out of thin air? Be controversial. Say something that shakes up the status quo. (The good news is, most markets need it, too!)

Confrontational Content

Pick an issue that irks you and TACKLE it head on. Name names. Point fingers. Cry FOUL into the wind…and watch your community come together and comment! (either for your position or against….it really doesn’t matter)

Curated Content

Make a list and check it twice! Providing a compilation, or a list of great articles or blog posts around the web is a great way to get lots of attention, to make your blog an authority, and of course, to engender the appreciation of other publishers in your niche. (who will of course send THEIR traffic, or simply CITE your site to check out where you highlighted what they had to say)

Comedic Content

Lighten up and be funny! Everybody likes to laugh and keeping people giggling is a great way to get tons of traffic, and to stand out a bit in the sea of seriousness that most marketers, and their content offer

Charitable Content

Do it for a GOOD cause. Find something worthy to support every month in your marketplace or community and create content around it. The truth is, there are lots of folks who do good in just about every niche under the sun, and finding people to praise is a good way to play well with others as well. (something my therapist wants me to do more of, too!)

Complimentary Content

When all other ideas dry up….simply find a big fish in your niche and COVER them with complimentary “kisses”. Everyone wants to feel appreciated, significant and noticed, and when you pay people compliments, not only will they appreciate it, they’ll often tell their readers to check YOUR content out to learn how much THEY rock! (sneaky but effective).

Niche Marketing: The Golden Source of Online Business Success

Niche marketing is one of the most effective ways to make a lot of money off the web. It’s about taking a general market and stripping it down into targeted and focused segments or niches. One then develops solutions that meet the needs of a specific segment.

Banks for example operate in many niche markets. At first glance, they may appear to focus on one market, the financial market. There is no doubt that this is correct, but banks perform a number of different functions by serving many different niches.

A typical bank has a number of products and services, such as:

Investment products
Home loans
Vehicle finance
Financial planning and
Personal loans

Each product or service caters for a select group of individuals or niche market: Investment products for investors, vehicle finance for vehicle owners, home loans for real estate players, financial planning for seniors or retirees and personal loans for individuals seeking short-term finance.

Does this mean that a bank offering the above-mentioned services is able to compete equally well against all other banks in the respective service categories? Generally it’s very difficult for a business to dominate every market it participates in, but it’s certainly possible for a company to establish a significant presence in a certain niche.

Of the four major banks in South Africa, ABSA Bank is the ‘go-to’ bank for home loans, Nedbank tends to be the business bank of choice, First National Bank is well known for their innovative products and Standard Bank for their stock trading platform.

Whatever the business or industry, a market leader will typically enjoy a healthy revenue stream. And by operating in other niche markets (not necessarily dominating them), a business can easily diversify or supplement its primary source of income. The same principle applies to online businesses.

Niche marketing works impressively well in the world of electronic commerce. VirtualBank for example is an online bank that specialises in providing financial services over the internet. Google dominates the search engine market and News24 pride themselves on being the premier news source in South Africa.

What does this mean for your online business, pick a niche market, sell some stuff and Bob’s your uncle? Unfortunately it’s not that easy. You can’t expect to start a new business, offer everything from A to Z, take on the major market players and become the overnight leader.

As a start-up, you simply cannot bite off more than you can chew.

You are not going to compete against News24 for news readers or against Amazon for book sales. However, you might be able to trump News24 in the sports news category or Amazon in the Self-help book category.

The point is taking on a niche market is one of the best low risk ways to start and grow your business. There are three good reasons for this:

1. Niche markets tend to be less competitive than larger markets. Your chances of being successful or dominating the market is a lot greater.

2. Niche marketing can be extremely cost effective. For instance, suppose your business sells books on dog training techniques for German Shepherds. Instead of designing mass marketing campaigns (television or radio) which could potentially cost millions, brochures and flyers situated at select dog training schools may be more than sufficient to attract customers to your business.

3. A niche market is a great way to build a business on a subject that you find interesting or enjoyable. It may be a good model for you to convert those hobbies or passions into a home-based passive income business.

Not too long ago I received an email from a reader asking whether it’s a good idea to start an online business in the mattress industry. If you have a look at Google’s Keyword Tool, you’ll notice that there are over 9 million online searches every month for the keyword ‘mattress’. With search volumes like this, the chance of finding a profitable niche market and business model may be good.

Starting your business with a niche market is a good idea. Most successful entrepreneurs will attest to this. However, niche marketing success is dependent on three basic rules:

1. Know exactly what your customers want. Your products and services have to appeal to your market’s unique needs. Building a business around mattresses in general may be pointless if your market only has an interest in mattress covers.

2. Learn how to communicate with your customers. You need to understand the psychology or deeper reasons behind their needs. In other words, speak their language and use marketing messages that evoke feelings of action.

How do your customers feel about mattress covers? What words resonate with them? If people are concerned about the ‘scratchiness’ of mattress covers against their skin when buying, your products and services must speak directly to this.

3. Understand your competition. How will you differentiate your business against all the other players? Look at their websites, products, services and marketing messages. Find out exactly what benefits they are selling. Try and pick out any gaps or under-serviced areas in the market. How could you do things better?

Are there any competitors in your niche? It may be a bad thing if there are no other players. The market may simply not want what you have to offer. Alternatively, the market is untapped and has yet to be exploited.

The key is to ask your customers what they want and value, and then test how they respond to your products, services and brand. This precept is central to niche marketing.

Sourcing Details for a News Story

If you’re a member of the media and you’re looking to find out more information about someone without having to resort to inappropriate methods, then don’t worry – there are plenty of resources available to you that will allow you to access a wealth of information legitimately. While some news reporters have no qualms about taking any measure they need to, in order to find out information about an individual, there are many who find this sort of practice repugnant. If you’re one of them, getting your story is still an option; you can take pride in conducting thorough research in a principled manner, and still get your by-line.

Thanks to the advent of the internet, performing a background check on someone is now even easier than ever. Specialist data companies, whose services are available online, could provide you with extremely useful sources of information. Their wealth of consumer records will give you access to names, telephone numbers and addresses – which can prove extremely helpful on the occasions that you are conducting investigative pieces and need to locate an individual to give you information, as your chances of finding them will undoubtedly be increased.

Even if your story just requires that you talk to a long list of specific individuals in order to find out all of the facts, using an online tracing tool to conduct background research can help you compile their contact details with ease; meaning you won’t have to resort to any unsavoury tactics to unearth their whereabouts. This sort of ethical research practice is a respectable way of gleaning information, and helps to strengthen the reputation of reporters; moving away from the less than perfect light in which they can often be portrayed. Online tracing tools can be used for finding out information with regards to a breaking news story, gathering facts for a television documentary you’re working on, or simply locating someone’s contact details – all of these instances and more can benefit from undertaking such background checks and research.

Instead of using inappropriate and immoral methods to locate an individual, it’s best to take the high road and source the details you need for your story in the best way possible. By utilising one of the many online databases and performing background checks on the individuals you’re interested in, you can be sure that you’ll get your story – and keep your reputation intact at the same time!

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Transport News Publication?

For anybody generally interested or directly involved in the transport industry, news related to the industry is of extreme importance. Such news can not only help such a person know more about the industry in general, but it can also possibly help him apply the knowledge to make his own business flourish.

However, for the person to reap such benefits, it is important that the transport news he receives is of good quality. This means that the transport publication that he reads whether online or offline needs to be top notch. Here are some qualities that almost all good transport publications share in the modern world.

Accuracy With Each Piece Of Information Verified

Most self respecting publications would make sure that they never publish any information that can be contested from any source. This is a matter of pride for many publications while some see it as professional duty.

Unless you can rely on the transport publication you read to be accurate with its information, you would never be able to use the information properly. This is why you need to test every transport publication you start reading to see if the information they provide is accurate or not. Ideally, they should be verifying the information but you can use the same technique to see how accurate they are.

Timeliness Of The Delivery Of The News

There is this very simple journalistic principle that all magazines and publications need to follow, regardless of which industry they focus on. Naturally, this principle also applies to transport publications. The principle is that of timeliness. The news items in the publication need to be relevant in terms of time.

For instance, if the publication tells you about a road blockade 20 days after you have already gotten stuck in it, then the information is useless to you. You should, ideally, look for this timeliness while you are judging the publication you read.

Objectivity In The Reporting Of The News Item

Objectivity is another important journalistic principle where the publication ensures that it is not taking any sides. Neutrality is important because it prevents the news item from being colored by any bias. With a neutral transport publication, you can form your own opinions and make your own decisions without worrying about being influenced by anything.

Clarity In Terms Of Categorization And Prioritization Of News

Sometimes, news publications can make the mistake of prioritizing news items in ways that do not truly reflect their importance in the big scheme of things. For instance, a transport publication may choose to put up a business merger in lieu of a road blockade because it has close ties with the business making the merger. This prioritization and categorization of news item is also something that you should be assessing when deciding which transportation publication you want to read regularly.

Multiple Analytical Features To Supplement The Daily News

Finally, a transport publication should be more than just a place for you to get your daily dose of transport news. While news is important, analysis is also crucial. Such analytical features would allow you to gain a better understanding of the industry as a whole, which would help you in the long run. Thus, you should look for a transport publication that looks to provide regular analytical features in addition to simple news items.